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February 2013 - In This Issue:
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"Medical meetings continue to be the #1 way in which Canadian physicians stay current in their practices, however, most physicians can rarely attend."

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Creating a list of key meetings in your therapeutic area? Our database of International congresses contains over 800 meetings and is updated daily with dates, location and direct links to scientific programs.
Did you Know?
Ten Facts You Should Know About MEDNET!
  1. ACCREDITED REPORTS - A unique partnership agreement with McGill University, permits our on line "MedPoint" reports to qualify for Mainpro-M1 (CFPC) and Section 2 (RCPSC) credits of the updated MOC program. 
  2. SIGNIFICANT FOLLOWING -  Over 24,000 active physicians, have returned written replies attesting to the clinical value of Mednet reports, and to request being maintained our mailing list.    
  3. GROWING ON LINE SERVICEMore than 10,000 health care professionals have subscribed to receive our reports via e-Newsletter sent regularly to readers according to interest.    
  4. EXPANDING READERSHIP - Mednet reports across all therapeutic areas in medicine have an expanding readership among allied health care professionals (HCP's) such as Pharmacists and Nurses.   
  5. MULTI-CHANNEL PREFERENCES Mednet disseminates reports via web site, mobile site,
    e-Newletter, RSS feed and also continues to distribute via mail, a preferred medium for a large proportion of physicians
  6. INDEPENDANT/COMPLIANT - Mednet is an independant medical news reporting service, consistently reporting in a balanced and objective manner to provide a compliant, sustainable educational platform.   
  7. PHYSICIAN REVIEWED Experts in communication and translation, Mednet professionally prepares high quality reports in both French and English and all are  reviewed by a physician prior to release.    
  8. EXCEPTIONALLY TIMELY - Quick clinical updates from world-wide medical congress are increasingly newsworthy and Mednet can have a report written, translated and disseminated immediately post meeting.
    Committed to making a sustainable difference in developing countries, Mednet contributes to responsible initiatives through the Pure Art Foundation, a registered
    Canadian Charity.   Learn more 
  10. OVER 20 YEARS IN CANADA - Now in our 24th year, Mednet has been a trusted source of reliable medical education for Canadian physicians.  About us 

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