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McGill Mednet & McGill University are proud to announce MedPoint Plus(+), a new accredited Conference Report Series.
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Balanced and Objective Medical Summary Reports

Mednet specializes in writing balanced and objective summary reports based on accredited medical congresses and peer reviewed literature, distributed both in print and electronic media. To provide this valued service, Mednet monitors new scientific and clinical developments in medical research around the world, then summarizes and disseminates this learning material in a timely fashion. Mednet publishes several different report formats which communicate both evidence-based medicine and professional opinion, all with the aim of improving patient outcomes across Canada.



New findings and outcomes in medical research as presented at major medical meetings and in published peer-reviewed medical journals. Read More...

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Our database comprises the most important Canadian, North American, European and international medical and scientific conferences. Read More...

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About Mednet

Since 1989, Mednet has been an independent, Canadian-based medical news reporting organization and provider of continuing medical education (CME). Read More...

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