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The following list of reports reflects the latest in findings and outcomes in medical research as presented at major medical meetings and published peer-reviewed medical journals. In this section you can view reports from important congresses as well as summaries of some recently published journal articles. Please let us know if you have a particular area of interest you would like to see covered.

MEDICAL FRONTIERS - Canadian Immunization Conference (CIC 2020)

Influenza Researchers Explore Real-World Data for Flu-Vaccine Evaluation and Learnings for COVID-19

Online / December 1-3, 2020

Online – Although the COVID-19 pandemic dominates the infectious disease headlines, influenza remains a striking public-health problem in Canada, with up to 7 million people sickened during a non-pandemic flu season. The seasonal...

MEDI-NEWS - Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness in Seniors and Other High-risk Groups

An overview of new data on the relative effectiveness of flu vaccines in vulnerable populations

September 2020

As healthcare professionals prepare for flu season in a pandemic year, the results of three large, population-based U.S. studies now provide comparisons of the relative effectiveness (rVE) of the available flu vaccine formulations in...

MEDI-NEWS Prevention of Japanese Encephalitis in Canadian Travellers

An overview of new guidelines released by the Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel (CATMAT) and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

December 2019

In December, 2019, CATMAT released a Statement on the Prevention of Japanese Encephalitis1 for Canadian travellers, following a similar endeavour by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released in July, 20192. Japanese...

PRIORITY PRESS - 17th Annual Discovery on Target Conference

Leveraging Years of Data on GPCRs for Transformative Drug Discovery

Boston, USA / September 16–19, 2019

Boston  -  GPCRs, which play a role in most biological processes, remain one of the most vibrant fields for drug discovery and perhaps the single largest source of untapped therapeutic potential. Years of data are increasingly...

MEDICAL FRONTIERS - Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR)

Management of Axial Disease in Patients with PsA and SpA Pandemic

Atlanta, Georgia / November 8-13, 2019

Atlanta – The spine was in the spotlight at the ACR meeting in Atlanta. Axial psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and axial spondyloarthitis (SpA) featured in more than 200 posters and sessions, including landmark studies in neglected areas....

MEDICAL FRONTIERS - Options X for the Control of Influenza (ISIRV 2019)

Ground-breaking Science in Seasonal Influenza Arms the World to Fight Next Pandemic

Singapore / August 28-September 1, 2019

Singapore – The next influenza pandemic is “a matter of when not if,” according to the World Health Organization (WHO) in its Global Influenza Strategy 2019–2030. Despite seven decades of advances in flu research,...

FRONTIERES MEDICALES - Options X for the Control of Influenza (ISIRV 2019)

Une percée technologique dans la lutte contre la grippe saisonnière protégera le monde contre la prochaine pandémie

Singapour / 28 août-1er septembre 2019

Singapour – Selon la Stratégie mondiale de lutte contre la grippe 2019-2030 de l’Organisation mondiale de la Santé (OMS), la prochaine pandémie de grippe est une certitude ; seul le moment est...

MEDICAL FRONTIERS - Options X for the Control of Influenza (ISIRV 2019)

Bahnbrechende Erkenntnisse bei saisonaler Grippe wappnen die Welt für die nächste Pandemie

Singapur / 28. August – 1. September 2019

Singapur – „Dass es eine nächste Grippepandemie geben wird“, steht laut der Globalen Influenzastrategie 2019–2030 der Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) völlig außer Frage. Obwohl in den letzten sieben...

MEDICAL FRONTIERS - Options X for the Control of Influenza (ISIRV 2019)

Innovazioni tecnologiche sull'influenza stagionale per proteggere il mondo dalla prossima pandemia

Singapore / 28 agosto - 1 settembre 2019

Singapore – Secondo l'Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità (OMS) la prossima pandemia influenzale è solo questione di tempo (Global Influenza Strategy 2019–2030). Nonostante settant'anni di progressi nella ricerca...

MEDICAL FRONTIERS - Options X for the Control of Influenza (ISIRV 2019)

Las innovaciones científicas en la gripe estacional arman al mundo para combatir la siguiente pandemia

Singapur / 28 de agosto – 1 de septiembre de 2019

Singapur – Si hablamos de la siguiente pandemia de gripe, “la cuestión no es si la habrá, sino cuándo,” según la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) en su Estrategia Mundial contra la...

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